My Journey to lose weight with the help of my friend " BAND"

Thursday, 8 March 2012

So mad!

Hello friends,

Ok, sorry that the post is not peachy in any shape or form.

First of all, as of Sunday, I have gained 0.8 pounds. WTH? I must add that I have lost 2.5 % fat and gained 1.3% muscle and my visceral fat has decreased by 1% but why the weight gain? This is my second week post up, can't even have real food and I am already gaining. I do measure and only have 1/2 cup at a time, do my walkings and have my water.

Also, you know how everyone says something about sliming, PBs, and all those restrictions you talk about.  You know how they suggest in your guidelines on how not to use a straw? That is the only way I can have water with out burping!!! seriously?

I also, have a sharp pain in my left side when I cough, sneeze, yawn or take a deep breath!

Conclusion: I really don't feel they put the band in! I am not kidding, how is that possible that I am so unlike every other person who has had the band?

So i emailed my coordinator and dietitian asking them about all of the above, you know what my dietician responded? Giving me an overview of what the band is and what it does!! Seriously, I was mad!! I wrote this fiery email to her and decided not to send it. 5567 dollars of the amount I paid is for the support/maintenance. So it is their job to address my worries. I swear to god all she said was not to eat too much and the band is a device to make me stay full for a longer time. Hello, did I say I am having discomfort or did I say I don't get full, no restrictions...

Also, as a part of package , they were supposed to send me a book, it has been more than a month that I am still waiting for it and every time my coordinator says ooh i have sent two, one got returned...
So today I sent her an email DEMANDING to have it sent to me via registered mail. For god sake I have paid 17000 dollars for what??

I am so mad and I am sorry if half of it doesn't make sense. but all the above in addition to my issues with my undergrad students and work deadlines have made me feel so defeated and frustrated.

I cry basically every night, I am not even kidding..

Sunday, 4 March 2012

my first challange

So tonight we were invited to a friend's house , there were around 30 of our friends there, none of them know about my lap-band. The only people who knew were my parents, my brother and my husband.
I thought of many different excuses on how not to go, i even thought I'll ask my husband  to go and tell them I am sick. But then I went and had dinner there! She had made so many things, out of which I had pureed sweet potato and some salmon( well, I really had to chew the fish to avoid any problems). Instead of pop, I asked for water.As for the dessert, I had some jello. I realized people do not pay attention to what I eat as much as I thought they would. Mind you these are people who are older than us at least by 20 years. Great friends, love them all.

 I just tried to avoid taking stuff that was constantly offered, I even took a few sweet stuff they offered and left them in my plate. I passed on the alcohol too and stuck to a few cups of tea! I however, told them I am trying to lose weight and prefer not to eat so much :)
Being only 7 days out of surgery, wearing jeans was not that easy but I survived. I can't believe how full I felt and this is with no fills. My doctor doesn't put anything in the band at the time of surgery so I assume  I have 0 cc out of my 10 now. I probably will have a fill in 5 weeks. I am going for a post-op check up on March 15th, see what my doctor says about that.

Have a great Sunday and the rest of the week everyone...

Friday, 2 March 2012


Hello again,
You can totally tell I am so excited about this blog, right? Also, you can tell I have not been to work or school and instead have been on this blog far too much! Well, I am going back to work on Monday :(

So here is another question: How do you add pictures to your headers< I love to add stuff, feel my blog is so blah...

I am a pound down from yesterday but still am not happy with my weight loss post op. i expected to lose at least 5 pounds this week, I have only lost 2.2 pounds. I read other's journey and they lost a lot more, it scares me now!

Here are some pics of my fat belly after the operation, I know it is not pretty! I can't believe how bloated my abdomen is.
As usual, allergic to any sort of gauze or bandage( the red area around my big incision)

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Thank you all for your wonderful kind comments.
Got another question! Has anyone experienced blurry vision after the surgery? My vision is 20/20 but since the surgery I sometimes can't see things clearly.

Another note, I can eat whatever I want and don't have that tight sensation everyone talks about. Water goes down easily, soup, greek yogurt.... is that normal and will this change after the first fill?

Lastly, as soon as I have something( even water) I get this burbs/hiccups, nothing major but still kinda painful.

Ohh and did I tell you I haven't had nausea at all since the surgery? What can I do, I am so excited about it.

I can't tell you how much I love reading every one of your weblogs.. If I fail my courses this semester, we know who to blame!