My Journey to lose weight with the help of my friend " BAND"

Thursday, 8 March 2012

So mad!

Hello friends,

Ok, sorry that the post is not peachy in any shape or form.

First of all, as of Sunday, I have gained 0.8 pounds. WTH? I must add that I have lost 2.5 % fat and gained 1.3% muscle and my visceral fat has decreased by 1% but why the weight gain? This is my second week post up, can't even have real food and I am already gaining. I do measure and only have 1/2 cup at a time, do my walkings and have my water.

Also, you know how everyone says something about sliming, PBs, and all those restrictions you talk about.  You know how they suggest in your guidelines on how not to use a straw? That is the only way I can have water with out burping!!! seriously?

I also, have a sharp pain in my left side when I cough, sneeze, yawn or take a deep breath!

Conclusion: I really don't feel they put the band in! I am not kidding, how is that possible that I am so unlike every other person who has had the band?

So i emailed my coordinator and dietitian asking them about all of the above, you know what my dietician responded? Giving me an overview of what the band is and what it does!! Seriously, I was mad!! I wrote this fiery email to her and decided not to send it. 5567 dollars of the amount I paid is for the support/maintenance. So it is their job to address my worries. I swear to god all she said was not to eat too much and the band is a device to make me stay full for a longer time. Hello, did I say I am having discomfort or did I say I don't get full, no restrictions...

Also, as a part of package , they were supposed to send me a book, it has been more than a month that I am still waiting for it and every time my coordinator says ooh i have sent two, one got returned...
So today I sent her an email DEMANDING to have it sent to me via registered mail. For god sake I have paid 17000 dollars for what??

I am so mad and I am sorry if half of it doesn't make sense. but all the above in addition to my issues with my undergrad students and work deadlines have made me feel so defeated and frustrated.

I cry basically every night, I am not even kidding..


  1. Ok first - sit down, calm down and relax hon!! You are in week 2 which means our bodies are screaming and in shock and doing weird scale things. Do not worry about the scale AT ALL right now!! As much as we want to, we want to be losing crazy but it didn't happen to me either!! I am one month post op and I don't feel like I have a band either. THIS IS NORMAL - I PROMISE!!!!! Do not be defeated - you are JUST STARTING!!! If you are defeated now, it's going to be a mental mind F*@K!!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, this is not a good month at all for. Work, school, friends passing of cancer... And this getting used to the band life on top of all of it. Your comment calmed me alot. Thank you thank you!

  2. Your fine! Its in there! Your body is reacting to the shock and hanging on to the weight. I went throught the same thing. Also is it time for Aunt Flo to visit? Are you retaining fluid? I did the same thing to. I lost weight right away and then 9 days in...........nuttin! It took me another 3 weeks to lose 9lbs. I still thing there are times when there is NO WAY I have a band, I'm hungry. I can eat more than a cup of food, nothing bothers me but then alllll of a sudden BAM it sneaks up on you. I've only been banded since Dec. 5th (13 weeks) Sunday night I had a piece of broasted chicken breast. I peeled all the skin and breading off, took small bites and chewed but holy cow, I suddenly got stuck. BIG time stuck. The pain was horrible! That was my first time getting the pain in the middle of my chest and the slime--yup the SOB is in there. Your emotions are just all over the place right now. I called it my food mourning stage. Just relax and as far as the books go..........there are lots on line too. There are lots of good articles on there is also a great forum section. Check it out!

    1. Thanks Lori,
      It is that time hence me being emotional. What you wrote above is exactly how i felt. I feel i can eat lots( not that i do). Maybe after a fill i'll feel better. Cant tell you how your comment made me feel better. Thankssss a lot

  3. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. I wonder sometimes too if I even have a band, I can eat anything and everything and I've forgotten to chew well a number of times... I think everyone goes through it.

    As for the weight gain, you said it yourself - you gained muscle. Muscle far outweighs fat, so it's probably normal. Especially since you've got the monthlies, I always gain a about pre-schooler in my midsection during that wonderful time of the month.

    Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time.

    (Oh and the burping thing, that's normal too :) )

    1. Thankssss, I know I am stressing out a lot, you are right losing fat and gaining muscles is better than just gaining weight!! I am a lot better today.
      Have a great weekend,

  4. Hi there,

    I was banded on Wednesday by SWLC - Dr. Cobourn in Toronto. They gave me the book - trust me your not missing anything - its really outdated and the info they gave me is very different from the book. Do the dietician webinar about eating with the band day 21 and forever - I found it helpful.
    As for not feeling restricted - you won't - SWLC is really conservative on how they fill your band - there is probably .04 cc's in your band now (thats whats in mine) and they told me that they don't fill it so you can heal properly and that they know while you're learning how to eat with the band you may slip and they want healing and no restriction until you are 100% ready. My fill appt. is for 5 weeks out April 12th (if the solid stage goes well). Right now Im so hungry and Im only 2 days out. I drank at least 3 cups of broth yesterday and I could totally eat an entire pot of soup today. Im trying to figure out how much is real hunger or how much is my mind wanting to eat something - anything...
    Hang in there - SWLC is the best choice in my opinion. They may be slow and steady but they have a great reputation for successful patients and if we follow the slow and steady rule we will get where we want to be too maybe not as fast. Don't compare your band to other bands - it is very individual. As for gaining weight - OMG!!!! Don't even weigh yourself until you go for your fill. Its not accurate. Your body is holding swelling, fluid, gas and fat while it recovers - it will make you crazy to step on the scale now.
    I hope this helped.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, I know I have to hide the scale! I am on it constantly,
      I talked to my coordinator today, I feel better for the book she said if not here but mid next week, she will send it via priority mail again..

      have a great weekend,

  5. I am so sorry you are going through all of this! I had Gastric bypass last December and a few weeks post op, I swear I thought they did the wrong surgery or didn't do it. I even asked my surgeon to make sure he did the right surgery. So I feel your frustrations. Hopefully it is just your body going through an adjustment period and will be better soon?! <3

    1. Thanks Samantha,
      I did lose a bit this week( I checked yesterday) but I guess I expected a bit more!In a strange way i am glad others shared the same feelings.. I hope my body will soon adjust itself!!!

  6. Hey chubby b ..... I gained after surgery too.! It's nothing trust me 3 months post op I'm down -33 . Between the stupid liquid diet and 3 lb gain post op I was nutso.

    Hang in there this will pass