My Journey to lose weight with the help of my friend " BAND"

Saturday, 11 February 2012


So I start my pre-op diet tomorrow, not excited at all as I only can have 3 shakes everyday and maximum of 225 calories of certain veggies, I can't even have milk or cream in my coffee, that would kill me!!
I am flying to Vancouver  in 2 weeks to have my surgery done, gosh it is gonna be hard. Most people think lap band is the easy way out but seriously it is not, . This is a life changing thing, I can not eat the way I have done for the last 35 years anymore or I will have complications, and also will gain more weight.
I will weigh myself tomorrow morning, and have my husband take a picture of me, so I can document 
my progress. I am not sure how I feel right now, it is a mixture of fear, nervousness, excitement
wish me luck, will write as I progress

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