My Journey to lose weight with the help of my friend " BAND"

Saturday, 11 February 2012


So, day 2 of my pre-op diet, not fun at all, I miss everything I never liked to have like pancakes! but I do miss my coffee and cream the most! I never liked the taste of protein shakes but have been good and have not cheated at all. I can have some veggies with only lemon juice, no salt, no olive oil :(
I am invited to a friend's house for the first time! I am not sure what to eat as I have not told anyone except my close family about surgery and am not planning to!

Any tips from previous banded friends are very welcome.
btw, I am on slimtime shakes, those and some veggies are all I can have!


  1. Hi There,

    Sounds like you are doing SWLC - Me too in Toronto on March 7th.

    I start my pre op in 1 week - I have planned all the food between now and then- I was told that I will be screaming and crying during pre op. Check out somethingsomethingfatchick on my blog she banded by SWLC 2 years and is awesome.
    I have been told to add sugar free flavoured terano syrup (like what they have at second cup) to the shakes - you can get it at Home Outfitters or ask second cup to order it and you can add coffee to the shakes and ice and blend it into a frapaccino. I have been told adding ice to them makes it better.

    Im not looking forward to the pre op or sugery but I am trying to think of 6 months from now that makes me happier.

    Good Luck and email me if you want. Were pretty much doing this at the same time and can really be there for one another.

    TTYS other Canadian girl (there are not many of us here)

  2. Hi Momee3021,
    Yes I am doing it with SWLC, actually the pre-op wasn't as bad as I thought, you are right, ice and espresso really helps. that is the only way I can have it! Yes, we should be there for eachother. Best of luck to you too :)